J.E. Strohkorb

J.E. Strohkorb


Artist Bio

I am a deeply thinking, feeling and spiritual person. This body of work is my way of working out my perceptions, my ideas about life, purpose, and meaning. I strive to build deeply layered works which tell my story, the ways in which I have worked through the struggles of life. I believe suffering can bring growth, despair can become hope. It is my longing that through “Seeing the unseen in everyday life,” others who struggle, will see healing and hope.

I try to activate and allow my subconscious mind to freely communicate through this work unhindered. I explore the connections between physical materiality and the unseen, using figurative elements, symbols, and abstraction to communicate complex ideas. I am very fascinated with cognition, metacognititon, and layers of the subconscious. The works are expressing abstract ideas, and motifs in emotional and practical forms with which the viewer can connect on a deep level. I am also very interested in science concepts, and incorporate my interest and knowledge of physics, medicine, psychology and biology into my works.

I have a deep love of artistic expression, and have pursued many aspects over my life. By far, my greatest passion is painting and visual fine arts. I grew up in coastal Virginia to a family of artists, and began learning creative visual arts at a young age, learning drawing, and painting in acrylic and oil since early childhood. I attended Governor School for the Visual Arts, as well I studied both sciences and art during college. I have been a practicing physician for twenty years, and have privately enjoyed exploring my art through that time. I feel that now is the right time to be making a public debut for my art, as my life experiences have seasoned me, grown me in ways, deepened my expression, and given me a message to share.