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Sunday, 2pm – 2:45pm

Chef Amy Brown will lead a cooking demonstration on pastries.



Amy Brown has been giving people a taste of the good life for nearly a decade. As the pastry chef director at Parkside Projects—pioneering chef Shawn Cirkiel’s restaurant group—she creates some of the city’s most sought-after desserts. In 2012, Brown realized she needed to follow her passion, so she quit college and enrolled in the pastry program at Le Cordon Bleu in Austin. While attending culinary school, Brown worked at Make It Sweet, where she honed her baking skills, learning new techniques and playing with ingredients. After graduation, Brown landed a job at celebrated Contigo, where she focused on breads, brunch pastries, and Southern-inspired desserts. In 2016, Brown joined Parkside Projects as a pastry cook at Olive & June, where she specialized in pastas, Italian breads, and desserts. She quickly moved up to pastry sous, experimenting with local ingredients and fine-tuning her methods. Two years later at Parkside, she made her mark producing interpretations of beloved classics. Now as pastry chef director, Brown continues to explore in the kitchen, finding new ways to innovate, excite, and inspire.