Michael & Ashley Lamers

Michael & Ashley Lamers

Artist Bio

Michael Ashley Gallery

Their name says it all. Unlike most photographers, they work as a pair. Their story started on an online dating site. Ashley saw that Michael had listed photography as a hobby. After many messages back and forth a couple was formed and their journey began. While Michael already had a keen eye for setting up the perfect picture, Ashley saw even more potential in his work. Knowing they would move forward hand in hand as partners in life, they decided that together they could grow this into a business and suddenly Michael Ashley Gallery came to be.

They now travel the world and capture the beautiful scenes that cross their paths. Their mission is to spread beauty to the world through photography. They believe your home should be just as relaxing and alluring as your vacations. They strive to capture each scene so vividly that just glancing at a piece allows you to escape reality, even for a short moment.