Leila Wilson

Leila Wilson


“I layer acrylic, charcoal, oil pastels, and sometimes wax, to create a rish history on the surface, usually sparked by my love of travel and nature. I am always looking out the window and getting inspired by what I see, whether in the everyday or on a special trip overseas. I am particularly inspired by the natural landscape, which I break down into shapes and convey through a harmonious color palette.”

“I typically start with an underpainting consisting of charcoal drawing and build the surface through addition and subtraction of layers, letting the material interact along the way. I purposely combine materials that aren’t traditionally considered compatible, which often creates an unusual texture--what I affectionately call “a happy accident.” This exploratory process is a creative risk worth taking. With each painting, I challenge myself to the point of potential failure of the piece to get the best painting possible. I would rather ‘ruin’ a painting than create a ‘safe’ piece of art. This in turn creates a tension on the surface, intended to draw one in.”

“A successful piece to me communicates an environment to the viewer and provokes a feeling or even a memory, even though it’s not a representational or recognized place. I often work on multiple pieces at once to allow a natural cycle of rest and activity for each canvas.”