Kristin Schillaci

Kristin Schillaci

Artist Bio

“I was raised in Grand Haven, Michigan, a small town along the coast of Lake Michigan. I spent much of my childhood exploring the woods in the heart of Midwest America’s blueberry country. I had a wonderful childhood with my two older brothers, parents, and my grandmother. I strongly believe that my memories and experiences shaped me into the person I am today, and continue to direct my photographic vision.”

“My love of history began at an early age; my love of photography stemmed much later in life. My sophomore year of college at Grand Valley State University, I took my first photography class. I went from being a possible history major to photography major instantly. It all made sense; I could blend my love of history, my personal view of the world around me, and artistic expression.”

“In 2005, I received my Bachelor of Arts in Photography. Shortly thereafter, my husband Tony and I moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where I began to pursue my fine art photography career. I owned and operated a fine art print shop and began showing my work with the Santa Fe Society of Artists. In 2014, we spent twelve months in our 1980 camper, exploring the country and showing my work at art festivals. In 2016, after another attempt at stationary living, we got a newer camper and hit the road again. This mobility has given me the freedom to create the award-winning body of work you see around you, and the ability to build a collector base around the country at many highly ranked festivals. After another two years on the road full time, we’ve established our studio and home base in Santa Fe. Since 2014, we have visited 45 states, logging over 100,000 miles and over 100 Juried Art Festivals. We continue to travel with our fur babies (Panchuela and Abiquiu) for art shows, photographs and adventures. In our spare time we enjoy rock climbing, snowboarding, hiking and the cute breweries that tend to be nearby these activities.”

“Art is important and life is short.” - Kristin