Justin Goodall


Artist Bio

Hollander Creative

I started my studies in ceramics at Elon University in North Carolina. I was studying art but I was not a great painter and not a very good sculptor, but I discovered a middle ground in the ceramics studio. There is a tremendous clay tradition in North Carolina. Geographically due to natural clay deposits, and culturally there is a universal appreciation for the clay arts. This formed my understanding of the balance of art and craft.

Folk art and non-western art were big influences on me, as well as minimalism and post-minimalism. I found that materiality and simple geometry were unifying aesthetics across time and cultures. It was formalism of a different kind.

While in graduate school at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, I continued to explore the intersection of art, design, and function. I focused on clay as the material that helped humans become the civilized people we are today. Ceramics has enabled the storage of water away from its source, allowed for advanced cooking methods and food science, all the way to plumbing, steel furnaces, power plants, and the panels on the space shuttle.

Today I am continuing all of these ideas in a body of work that seeks to honor the humble vessel. It was a singular leap of human engineering that allowed us to be where we are today. And because of this, it deserves to be decorated and celebrated in simple forms that show reverence to its structure, surface, and integrity. I hope you enjoy viewing and using these pieces as much as I enjoy making them.