Ian Ely



As a boy I was drawn to nature. As a man I’m fascinated by it. As a photographer, I’m compelled to capture those perfect moments in time nature presents to me, through the craft that has become my calling. Landscape photography is my passion, my purpose, my journey and my job - but, above all, it is the defining joy of my life.

My entire existence has been shaped by the inexplicable connection I feel to the forces of what we call Mother Nature and, even from a very young age, I felt a pull towards the freedom of the vast, raw landscapes of America. The family road and rail trips of my boyhood left their imprint on my heart, and the memory of my first sight of the Colorado Mountains still stirs my soul today as it did back then.

Through my photography I’ve found a way to share that feeling of freedom and closeness to nature with others. With every click of the shutter, my goal is to go beyond simply the recording of a scene; I strive to capture not just the image I see through my lens, but also the very essence of that time, place, moment, and perfection. I want the viewer to feel the same connection I did, as if they were right there on the beach at sunrise with the gentle waves rolling in, or standing beneath a majestic tumbling waterfall, damp from its spray, or resting their hands on timeless, weather worn rocks in the desert, listening for ghosts of the past. I know it’s a big ask of myself, but it’s both my challenge and my motivation and it’s absolutely what I live for.