Chris Madsen


Artist Bio

Burning Paper Hearts

I see the world in tones and colors.

I am a published and gallery displayed artist and travel across the United States participating in art festivals. The most important thing to me is my vision.

I fell in love with visual imagery while working as a graphic designer. Wanting to understand what makes a good image. What went into creating the work that pulled at my heartstrings. I would describe my work as emotionally cinematic. I shoot mostly strong emotional pieces that may even be a bit dark or macabre but still feminine and beautiful. I like my work to let the viewer experience the emotion and let their imagination tell a story. This is what I do, this is how I feel, this is who I am.

I create using digital, film, wet plate collodion, and formats such as cyanotypes and van dyke browns and wax encaustics. I am constantly trying to evolve my art to evoke my feelings into an image that will match the vision in my head. Art is ever evolving and a beautiful challenge.