Brandan Styles & Ellie Rusinova

Mad Tatters

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Mad Tatters

Mad Tatters are Brandan Styles and Ellie Rusinova, a husband and wife art team known for their theatrically spiritual art from a variety of influences ranging from mythology, folklore, surrealism, occultism, blended together into thoughtful, humorous and slightly dark imagery that radiates with energy.

Ellie and Brandan came together in the summer of 2008. After a heated game of badminton, the two realized they were equally matched and that the only way forward was together. They dreamed big dreams and worked very hard towards them. The Fall of '08 they started making their simple yet bold and really cool t-shirts whilst dubbing themselves the MAD TATTERS! They started by thrifting for old t-shirts and printing their designs on them. Then they built (with the help of Brandan's Dad) and set up their cool hand made Wagon Hearse and took it out to First Friday Art Walk on Sante Fe St. in downtown Denver, CO. They did this for several years, until repeatedly chased out by art galleries and police.

From there the Infamous Duo came back to their original dream of putting together a giant Surreal Art Circus. They brainstormed for several months and finally in April 2010 put on CIRQUE VOLTAIRE, the first Surreal Art Circus. It was an all out blast of a show that included a Big Art show featuring many of Denver's best artists, along with a street parade and vendors. There were many bands and performances happening inside and outside, creating quite a spectacle! From sword swallowing and juggling to aerial, burlesque, bloody demon battles, heavy beats and all out madness on the streets. With such acts as Champagne Charlie, Widows Bane, and several other great performers, It was a damn good time.

Following the success of the first show, Ellie and Brandan went on and did several more Circuses for the next 2 years, each one a little more surreal and wild than the previous. But, all things must come to an end and eventually Cirque Voltaire did too. Brandan and Ellie now focused their paths toward doing Art Festivals and working with Art galleries. After doing several local, small festivals, they applied to Cherry Creek art festival, one of the biggest and best in the country and were accepted. From there they found that doing art festivals was a way of seeking out new adventures through traveling and getting their art into the hands of fans and collectors around the country, which was their biggest collective dream.

Fast forward to the current time and they are still going strong. Their art work and ideas have grown leaps and bounds, and their adventures continue. They are still traveling the country from March- September setting up their Magical Art Tent and selling art to fans. They have shown with many galleries including Stranger Factory, La Luz De Jesus, and Phoenix gallery. It has been a crazy adventure to say the least. It has been very challenging and stressful many times, but endurance and the love they share for each other and their lives as ARTISTS is key. May the road rise with you, Stay Weird!