Bounkong Signavong

Bounkong Signavong

Artist Bio

Lao Design

“Laotian textiles are appreciated worldwide by experts and consumers for their craftsmanship, and even more for their close connection to the lives and destiny of its people. They are not simply pieces of cloth to wear. They are a statement of life, happiness, joy, and sometimes of reflection and mourning.”

“A national of Laos, I design and create contemporary textiles with firm roots in Laotian traditional styles and weaving traditions. Influenced by the spiritual power of Buddhism and its many symbols enshrined in centuries-old art, the motifs embodied in my textiles reflect humankind's eternal longing for happiness and enlightenment. My work depicts a diverse assortment of pieces to echo the rich history and cultural heritage of Laos, and represents the artistic inspirations and manual skills of an era long gone by. All pieces are made from silk and/or cotton, naturally dyed and hand-woven on the traditional Lao loom.”

“My products include outstanding fashion objects, like dresses, skirts, jackets and shirts, giving new life to vintage textiles by integrating them into uniquely designed formal and every-day wear. Contemporary art-to-wear combines traditional Asian styles and also Western influences from around the globe and from my current home, New York/New Jersey. At the recent Bellevue Arts Museum Fair 2011, my designs were honored with the prestigious Carol Duke Artist Awards of Excellence.”