Aubree Dale


Aubree Dale is a visual artist based in Austin, TX. Solo and group exhibitions include multiple locations throughout central and North Texas including the City of Austin’s People’s Gallery, Black Lagoon Gallery, and Cloud Tree Gallery. Dale was selected as Mary Tomas’ Gallery’s “Rising Star” in 2013. She received her BFA from The University of North Texas in 2010 and currently studies Architectural Metals & Ornamental Welding at Austin Community College.

“My interests live in exploration of absurd and messy human narratives. I want to create an opportunity to live among objects and within compositions that take shape in poorly rendered, unbalanced symmetry. A storyline will always drive the nature of my work, however, it is my intention to leave doors open and questions unanswered for the viewer, so they may assign their own meaning to the making. I communicate with impulsive, haphazard systems collaged against blocks of downy, transparent layers by way of painting, drawing, metal and found object sculpture.”