Alejandra Avila

Alejandra Avila

Artist Bio

Born in the city of Bogota, Colombia, Alejandra Avila began her journey at an early age. Alejandra always had an intuitive craft and she was constantly creating little projects to express her creativity. Her parents were so mesmerized by her talent, creative ideas and passion towards art, that they shared their jewelry-making techniques with her and invested in developing her craft. They contributed tactics that embraced the cultivation of her visions. Since she was a child, Alejandra loved observing her parent’s skillful means of craftsmanship, incorporating a desire for color, design and texture. In her teenage years, Alejandra moved to Texas with her older brother in search of new opportunities.

Her brother followed their parents footsteps, by continuing the practices of jewelry-making, furthermore expanding her devotion for art. In school, she took architecture as a tool of growth for two years which broadened her ability to build.

​In addition to her love for art, Alejandra’s work embodies her character with geometrical raw-cut pieces of leather, distressed hand painted shades/tones of colors that bring together a range of hand-selected materials of the highest quality , promising originality and various textures she connects to, and which reflects her optimistic view of life. Her artistic techniques include: sewing, cutting, stitching, and painting.

​Having been exposed to different cultures and engaging in them, both growing up and while traveling, has been a big influence and inspiration on her work, creating her vision for diversity.

​She enjoys exploring each town and city by attending prestigious art shows where artists are juried and awarded based on creativity/concept.

​Alejandra has attended several prestigious art shows where artists were awarded based on creativity/concept. She was recently recognized in the Dollar Bank Three Rivers Arts Festival in Pittsburgh (June 5th 2016) with the Juror’s Choice Award.

​Alejandra continues to exhibit her work at festivals , reaching new audiences and building relationships with her customers, by embracing each of their smiles and positive feedback, translating it into a masterpiece.