Aaron Coleman

Aaron Coleman

2-D Mixed Media

Artist Bio

Aaron Coleman is a modern mixed media artist creating out of Kansas City, Missouri. He considers himself a true son of the plains, and has an abiding interest in the natural world. Aaron began fervently expressing these wondrous natural patterns on canvas in 2008 in the dawn of the “great recession.” The art served as a backlash to a feeling of hopelessness brought on by the scarce job market. Aaron would paint late into the night in his small Costa Mesa, California apartment. He had never felt so free in his whole life. The art soon began to express a vivid excitement and optimism for what post recession life would offer. Aaron saw an opportunity to escape from the corporate 9 to 5 doldrum, and seized it with reckless abandon. He loaded his belongings and backtracked to his hometown of Marshall Missouri. Aaron leveraged every resource available to him to acquire materials and supplies to exhibit at art festivals while commandeering studio spaces in his parents’ homes. In March of 2010 Aaron participated in his first exhibition in Columbia, MO and his art career began to roll.

By March 2011 Aaron had moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico where he worked in solitude developing his process even more constantly exploring new media. Aaron found the clear, crisp light and expansive skies of Santa Fe to inspire his artwork to new heights. Aaron spent all of 2011 creating and exhibiting his artwork throughout the country. The encouragement only fueled his energy and confidence as an emerging professional artist.

Aaron soon redirected his sights back to the Midwest, and constructed his Kansas City studio during the mild Winter of 2012. It is here that he creates today. The work is allowed to change with the seasons demarcating time along with the vast changes in weather. The ebb and flow of creation coincides with the temperatures as the studio is an open air structure. There are times of great production and growth divided with times of rest and actively exhibiting throughout the country. The work continues to gain the sophistication and timeless dignity only found in the dedication of a true artist. Aaron has found his stride in Kansas City and lives a life of unrestricted creative flow. He hopes to encourage others to find freedom through their own artistic expressions.